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the world of otome games is tough for mobs-. Ottom is tough for the game world crowd Gay Seki wa Mobu ni Kibisi Sekidsu) or stuck in dating sim: Ottom is hard for the game world crowd abbreviated to official English title Mobus (But what is Mob, Mobu Seka )), A light novel series written by Yomu Mishima and performed by Monda. It originally debuted as a web novel held on Shootsuka Ni Nar 2017 between 2017-2019. The series was acquired by GC Novels (MicroMagazine). Gaya, which published the first light novel with 6 editions + drama CDs so far in 2018,

and Seven Seas Entertainment published an English-for novel in February 2021 and licensed the set (digital release November 2020). The series would later receive several manga adaptations, with June 3 featured by June Shiaso

The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Novel-. Details

Author: Mishima Yomu, Wai, わい, 三嶋与夢


Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Mecha Romance School life



The story of this novel is about Leon suffering from a particular dating simulator with a particular setting. Women occupy a higher position than men and only those with good physical qualities can date. One day he suddenly wakes up in the game world, but he has a hidden secret. He still has all the vocabulary of past life, including defeating the game system and dating every woman. Only one result can occur in this situation.

Most women in the game are arrogant, but thanks to their intelligence, the protagonist changes everything, dating the most beautiful woman she imagined. This is very easy.

The novel’s premise is exciting, but not far from the comfort zone of the Harlem story. But everyone can thank them for a great time. In all interesting situations, the hero is regularly involved.

One thing that can be said about this novel is the large variety of characters. You can expect to feature many personalities. Each is different and suits everyone’s taste. Web novels are shorter than light novels. With the first option, only chapter 176 is available and has already been completed. However, if you want to read light novels, there are 6 volumes and they are still under publication.

Some people, especially the masculine masses, may find the “feminist” view of the story a bit daunting. However, this is just an otom game plot. The plot changes over time. Continue reading, the world doesn’t really change, but the “sequel” of the game is announced. It has a better plan and removes all feminist stories.

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Author: Mishima Yomu, Wai, わい, 三嶋与夢




Former Japanese activist Leon was reborn in the world of “Otome Games” and despaired in a world where women ruled men. It was as if a man lived like livestock and went into this world for a woman. The only exception was the caught goal of the game, a good-looking group led by the Crown Prince. Under these strange circumstances, Leon had a weapon. She has prior knowledge, where her shameless sister finishes her game. Leon, who really wants to live in the countryside and lives in the countryside, uses that knowledge to unexpectedly trigger a brutal rebellion against women and handsome men. The curtain is the beginning of a long fantasy about defeating the vampire heroine.

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