Genius Detective

Genius Detective

Overwhelmingly recommended

Xin Bai (辛白)



Genius Detective:

Editors: Conspiracy, IJ

Chapters 1–13 Editor: Canis

Schedule: a pair of chapters per day at 8:00 and 8pm GMT

We follow the story of Song Lang, a genius song within the police field World Health Organization, because of unfortunate circumstances because of his foe, currently assumes the identity of a driver named Chen Xi. though he wished to measure his days as a standard subject, fate has different plans for him. Finding himself within the position of the most suspect for a case, he assists a peace officer to uncover the reality. Follow Chen Xi’s adventures as he returns to the globe investigation the flaky massacre. can he be angry to fulfill his enemy once again?

If you fancy anime mysteries like the program “The Mentalist”, or “Detective Conan”, then this novel is for you.

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