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It has been said that every person has a book. Mark Twain also once said that every person is a book. The question is how to get it out. You certainly have all kinds of ideas circling your head, whether they came from critiquing your favorite books and shows, or a completely original concept that you haven’t had a chance to bring to life yet. But there is no better time than this.

Starting the book writing process can be intimidating. You need to know your story, how to tell it, who your audience is. But you should not let this happen so that you can make your dream book a reality. All you need is the right tools and information to get that story to the page, and you’ll find everything you need inside the Ultimate Creative Novel and Screen Writing Academy bundle for just $ 49.99.

No matter what you want to write, this huge collection of educational courses will turn you into a publishing pro, before you start writing your first line. The Ultimate Creative Novel and Screen Writing Academy bundle is packed with proven writing and publishing techniques spanning over 48 hours, taught by experts in the field and spanning 11 unique courses.

Want to write a fantasy novel? There is a course in this bundle that will teach you how to build your world and put together a perfect fantasy story while avoiding clichés. Trying to capture your own life story? There is a course for crafting an autobiography that will make your story every bit as interesting as any fictional book. There are even suggestions on how to publish your book when you are ready to share it, or how to change it in the screenplay if you start pitching to optimize it for the screen Want to

The Ultimate Creative Novel and Screen Writing Academy Bundle is a collection unlike any other for understanding the writing and publishing business. While this collection of courses is valued at $ 2,189, you can save 97 percent off that price right now. This means that you pay just $ 49.99. This may be the beginning of your literary career, so don’t let this offer pass by you!

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