It’s Kodansha Comics vs Yen Press at Crunchyroll Expo 2020

Sometimes, once 2 huge manga publishers do not see eye to eye, they merely ought to place it all on the road and enter the ring. that is what Kodansha Comics and Yen Press determined to try and do, and they are holding their epic confrontation at the Virtual Crunchyroll exhibition on a weekday, Sep five. The gloves are off and also the heat is on from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm standard time on Hime Stage. Who’ll be throwing down?

On the Kodansha Comics aspect of the ring we’ve Misaki Kido, Ivan Salazar, and Tomo Tran, and they will be facing off against the terrific tag team of Mark American state Vera and Wendy Chan on the Yen Press aspect. An epic battle between 2 powerhouse manga publishers is getting ready to begin!

Watch because the manga consultants from Kodansha Comics (Misaki Kido / Tomo Tran) & Yen Press (Mark American state Vera / Wendy Chan), go head-to-head in a very manga recommendation confrontation to make your mind up the strongest,

saddest, and most enjoyable manga obtainable from each publisher. You won’t wish to miss this no-holds-barred battle royale to work out manga supremacy! And not solely that, however, if you be a part of this panel and you will return away with an excellent prize yourself!

thus, that aspect ar you on? Featuring: Misaki Kido, Tomo Tran, Ivan Salazar, Mark American state Vera, and Wendy Chan! BE THERE FOR THE BATTLE: A head-to-head manga recommendation showdown! World Health Organization can emerge triumphant during this brutal battle royale of 2 manga heavyweights?

tune up this weekday to seek out out, and appearance for an opportunity to return away with a prize of your own within the method. Catch it live to tell the tale the Crunchyroll virtual stage HERE or watch it on video on demand HERE. within the in the meantime, that aspect ar you sporting on? And if you are looking for manga from Yen Press and Kodansha make certain to see out what is obtainable into your native comic search.

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